You like Electronica and EDM. We know this without having asked for your opinion because, according to Billboard and all those other people keeping track of the music biz, electronic music is one of fastest growing styles today. We can only hope that it will overtake Country soon, since those people must be running out of horses, women and trucks to write sad songs about.

Since you like it so damn much, we thought we'd bring your attention to one of the best new releases around. Sessionville contributor Kent Barton has put out a great new EP under his usual stage name, SEVEN7HWAVE. It's absolutely his best work yet, full of the amazing sounds you'd expect from a veteran technologist, while maintaining an amazing musicality you'd hope for—even expect—from such an accomplished musician as he.

Smoke Without Fire, the latest release from SEVEN7HWAVE

The new record is called Smoke Without Fire, and you can download it here, something you should absolutely do right this very second if not sooner.

Now, you might be wondering how much this little nugget of electronic gold is going to set you back. Well, Kent thought you might wonder that too and he came up with plan that's sure to please: Pay anything you damn well want to. Taking a cue from Radiohead and friends, Barton understands more than most about the new way of the music world. He also knows that, as a musician, you may very well be broke (it happens). So instead of reaching into that pocket of yours, he's offering a way to hear some incredible music, support another independent artist and do it all at a price you can afford. It's even ok if that price is free. You'll get him next time, right?