Sound design for video games, like films, can be an exciting and rewarding gig. You're essentially creating the texture and details of that game's world - one that may only exist in your imagination. And It can be very rewarding to see your hard work play out in a video game millions of people enjoy, such as the mondo popular Angry Birds. A game which may only be rivaled by Tetris as most addicting game ever.

And so with the fast-paced consumer adoption of all things small and portable. It makes sense that gaming has moved onto handheld devices like the iPhone. And with that, indie game developers now have a fair shake at putting out their own unique titles in hopes of going viral.

If you want to break into game sound design or dabble with creating you're own video game title for the iPhone and similar devices, then - in addition to kissing friends and loved ones goodbye for a stretch in exchange for long, Red Bull fueled hacking sessions at your computer - you'll want to check out the advice of audio producer PJ Belcher who has written a nice overview: iPhone Sound Design: Tips and Tricks for

Belcher covers some of the limitations of the iOS platform including bit rates and file size, addressing what sounds to drop off if the player wants to listen to their own music. Some other production tips like how to reduce the sample rate while maintaining quality, and using cross-fade looping to create convincing background ambience are covered.

Future developers, we look forward to playing your hit game. Just remember to come up for air and call your mom every now and again.