Remember when Vegas was cool? The Rat Pack would roll into town and people would go nuts. Showgirls throwing themselves at Bogart in a scene out of some black & white movie you could probably catch on Netflix if you could find it.

Fast forward to 2013 and even Celine Dion can't stand the sight of herself on stage anymore. Clearly it's time for some new blood. But who can we rely on to collect a paycheck for making a star-studded spectacle of herself daily and twice on weekends? Who will save us?

Enter the first lady of Pop-Tart stardom, come to rescue, from the clutches of boredom, those with $150 to blow and too much time before their next in-booth demo at the convention center.

When asked for comment, little white-haired ladies looked up ever so briefly from their dollar slot machines and said, "Britney who?"

To celebrate the new princess of the strip (The Vegas strip. Get your mind out of the gutter) more than 1,300 people coordinated a large card stunt, more than 10 stories long and seven stories across. What's strange is that none of them talked to each other beforehand. They all just happened to show up in a parking lot at the same time with a little piece of Britney's face on cardboard.

The big show comes online over New Years weekend—December 27th to be exact. You can get tickets at the aptly named which, in case we didn't mention it, is what the show is called.

Tell Brit we said hi and we love her.