People, it turns out, really like lists. Grocery lists, lists of books banned by authoritarian regimes, lists of the greatest lists of all time. Maybe that's how a site like makes money (list porn?). We're not sure. But we do know that, if there's one kind of list that brings humanity together, it's a list of the greatest album covers of all time.

And here's the greatest part: the masses click a little thumbs-up icon and suddenly the craziest shit rises to the top. All of a sudden it's bedlam with these incredibly obscure albums coming into focus, people discovering new music, a revolution that brings new life to a down trodden art form. We're saved!

And then reality sets in and we see that the top two album covers are by The Beatles. And then Pink Floyd. And then Zeppelin. And we suddently remember that there is nothing—and we mean nothing!— even remotely close to an original thought in anyone's mind anymore.

Was it like this back in the day? Was the Internet of 1873 awash with the same shit over and over again? Did everyone just phone it in by voting for the same damn album covers like Bach's Cello Suites and Caprice No. 24 in A minor by Paganini? Does anyone have an original thought? Ever?

We're guessing perhaps it doesn't matter anyway. Maybe list porn isn't as widespread as we thought. Maybe it's the same three guys voting for their stupid album covers over and over again because they know their campaign will be unopposed like Republicans through most of the 20th century.