You can learn all sorts of great stuff by watching videos. Things like skiing, skydiving and astrophysics become mere childs play after a few minutes spent staring at your computer as a disembodied voice narrates a step-by-step approach to whatever you desire.

Such is the case with a new set of videos produced by the good folks at Ableton. Sure, they’re sort of self-serving. But they’re also damn helpful. So in the end, everyone gets what they want.

Ableton has long since distinguished itself from a crowded forum of Pro Tools/Cubase/SONAR me-too digital audio workstations. From the word go, Ableton lent itself more to things like live performance, DJ and electronica than your standard editing, mixing and mastering far.

But it’s separation from the crowd has often left it misunderstood. And that’s why these videos are just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re hankering for a great platform but need a primer to catch you up on the latest and greatest features, consider a few minutes with some fairly well-produced video content. You won’t be sorry.