If you're in a boy band or your stage show involves the kind of elaborate Vegas-level dance production, with back flips that will send you out of breath halfway into the first song, then chances are that cute little headset mic you're wearing probably won't ever be switched on. In fact, you should probably just take your spikey hair, baggy pants and worn-out copy of the Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits and get you and your chihuahua a mani-pedi and a smoothie right now.

But wait! If you're a singer that very much needs a wireless microphone system to—oh, let's say—allow the audience to hear your actual voice and not a pre-recorded backing track, then Matt Lawless over at the TheMicStore Blog has some great info for you.

In the article How to Choose a Radio Mic System, Matt offers a bunch of helpful tips to help you zero in on the perfect radio mic system for your show. He covers important topics like transmitter and power distribution types, dealing with different frequencies, and that all important step, planning.

Off course, there's no mention of the most important tip: where to get your microphone diamond encrusted.

Source: TheMicStore Blog