It never fails. You get all of your studio gear and DAW software working and humming along in perfect harmony. All of your settings are finally exactly the way you like them and you're ready to get back to recording the hit album you've had trapped in that creative mind of yours. But then suddenly that ugly word surfaces that software manufacturers utter when it's time to pay the rent again: Upgrade.

Yes, Pro Tools reached version 11 recently leaving anyone with a studio feeling a bit excited and a bit uneasy. Excited for the new audio engine and 64-bit performance, expanded metering and HD video workflows. Uneasy about the compatibility and upgrade path from version 10.

Should I upgrade? Is it stable? It's shiny and new - does it have the cool new features I need? These are the thoughts that keep the fans of Avid's venerable DAW up at night.

Well rest easy, because the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) has gone and posted a nice guide answering a lot of questions about Pro Tools 11 and whether the upgrade is right for you at this time. They cover new features and clear up some compatibility and licensing SNAFU's.

Source: CRAS Blog