Let’s start with McGraw’s bottom line: “Cubase is not a platform that you are going to jump into and learn overnight. Before you get started, you best eat your Wheaties and pack a lunch, but the payoff is that Cubase 7 delivers. It’s stable, powerful and up to professional standards—it’s that simple.”

For fans of Steinberg’s venerable Pro Tools killer, it will come as no surprise that Cubase 7 is everything you’ve come to expect from the boys in Hamburg. But it wouldn’t be a major release if it didn’t come with its fair share of new bells and whistles.

Sparkly new features include a redesigned virtual mixer called MixConsole; ASIO-Guard, a caching system that helps avoid audio drop-outs; and Mem-Zap for instant recall of memory positions, zooms and locations. There’s more but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Being a true man of science, reviewer Jami McGraw put it all on the line when he installed Cubase 7 on his Rain LiveBook AFX, jumped on stage in front of a festival crowd and recorded a live show while simultaneously playing back through the DAW returns at 64 samples. The word that comes to mind: cojones.

Source: MixOnline.com