Those of you with a penchant for beats and a burning desire for the latest and greatest sounds will rejoice with the release of NI's new HELIOS RAY expansion pack. (We have no idea what the name means but it does sound cool, so whatever.)

HELIOS RAY (which NI demands you write in all capitals - maybe that makes it sound better) is gonna set you back a mere 49 bucks. We're inclined to think you'll get your money's worth with three new drum kits, melodic kits and MASSIVE presets.

Of particular note are the new Vinyl Kits with "a wealth of vinyl kicks, finger snaps, shakers, vocal samples, claps, snares, crackle, record stops and more – representing the loose, off-kilter hip-hop of LA’s abstract beat scene".

Also included, Digital Kits featuring Brazilian and Latin percussion like shakers, bongos and congas, plus warm bases for that nu jazz and broken beat kinda thing.

The Melodic Kits give you access to some pretty awesome stuff like jazz guitar and vintage Rhodes. And those MASSIVE presets are all about the filtered and funky sawtooth bass thing. You know you love it.

Do you need this? Who's to say? Will you want it? Yup.