Did you ever have one of those dreams where you’re on stage with the Beach Boys? And then, just at the apex of Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Jeff Beck saunters onto the stage and rips a solo that makes you feel like you just saw God?

Las Vegas (they don’t call it America’s playground for nothing) wants to make that dream come true. This April 18th to the 21st, you can write a check, strap on your ax and lose yourself in Brian Wilson’s loving embrace.

Yes friends, the Rock ‘n’ Roll fantasy camp is coming to town, kinda like the circus but with rock stars instead of elephants wearing top-hats.

Previous R ‘n’ R Fantasy Camp alum include a who’s who list from Gene Simmons and Slash to Todd Rundgren and Meatloaf.

You get to touch and feel your idols while they walk you through songwriting, recording and performing with the best of the best. At the end, a private concert for family and friends at the MGM Grand, proof to your loved ones that you’re not making the whole thing up.

Source: KeyboardMag.com