Sessionville Headquarters, located in lovely downtown NYC, is staffed in no small part by 30-somethings. When it comes to the 80's, we are like the generation who lived through the Great War of 1914, growing up to plead with the rest of the world not to get embroiled in WWII.

Only this time, we're talking about something much more insidious than mustard-gas and the battle of the Somme. We are urging, begging and beseeching the public at large to understand the perils of the cassette.

But are you listening? Not according to Steve Guttenberg. (No, not that Steve Guttenberg. The one from CNET). According to Mr. Guttenburg, "Cassettes, like LPs are enjoying something of a comeback."

Why? Why must this happen? Did you people not learn anything from the whole bell-bottom pants resurgence of 2000? That was horrible and it was just pants for god's sake. This is serious shit people!

The fact is, tape sucked. There was nothing good about it except for its giving rise to the term "cassingle". Oh wait, that word is embarrassing. Forget it.

Tape hiss. Little magnetic particles that fall off every time you hit play. Ugh! Even the fact that you could put a little piece of Scotch tape over the little hole on the top and use your sister's new Duran Duran album as a mix tape for the girl who sat next to you in biology cannot bring this medium back into the land of the cool. It was a means to an end. Let it die.

Source: CNET