Musicians are notoriously cheap. That's probably because musicians are notoriously broke. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We suffer for our art like any great artist, pushing aside the opportunity to become some asshole in a cheap suit and a cubicle for the opportunity to become some asshole in leather pants and a stadium.

So, we say embrace your cheapness and take advantage of savings when you can. Case in point, the giant, boffo, awesome, once-in-a-lifetime, one day sale going on over at the Ableton Web Shop.

To quote the good folks at Ableton: "This special limited-time offer is for all current Live users who want to upgrade their software or expand their studio with Packs - a selection of sounds, instruments and effects for Ableton Live. In addition, those who would like to get started with Live can take advantage of a steep discount on Ableton's creative music-making software."

Yeah. What they said.

Source: Electronic Musician